Education programmes

Tipu Nature School offers education programmes to a broad range of target groups. In the compilation and carrying out of our educational programmes we follow the Tipu Nature School environmental education plan, with which you can become familiar here.

Our educational programmes are more than “just” getting to know untouched nature. We regard them in fact as the essentials for leading a happy and content life. To us, environmental education encompasses the encouragement of people towards self-reflection and awareness of their cultural backgrounds, simultaneously bringing to mind how we behave and act in our surrounding. Starting from that it is possible to motivate people to environment-conscious behaviour and practice. In that cultural education and environmental education are to us inextricably linked with each other.

These are four important educational objectives:

1)        Sharpening and development of perception

  • support people in being aware of their acting towards the environment (nature, culture) and themselves
  • develop the ability to think for oneself
  • preserve/strengthen self-compassion and self-consciousness on regard to peoples’ lifestyles
  • dicussions about ethic values

2)        Raising tolerance

  • to enable  encounters between different people and characters
  • as an international meeting place development of understanding and tolerance towards different (cultural) backgrounds and ways of acting
  • openness towards the different and the new
  • develop teamwork skills within different groups/individuals
  • preserve natural and cultural diversity

3)      Exchange of knowledge -> Awareness of problems -> application skills

  • raise interest towards the environment and strengthen environmental awareness
  • pass knowledge through experiences in nature
  • learning about natural cycles and processes by testing it out
  • get to know about ecological building and alternative energy sources by the example of Tipu Nature School, among others
  • become conscious about the role of people and their responsibility
  • support independent, energetic, target-oriented people
  • pass on the fundamentals of environmentally concious acting  and motivate people to follow them

4)      Create a relationship between people and the location of Tipu Nature      School

  • enthuse people with Soomaa and Tipu
  • give the possibility to test oneself and get in touch with immediate nature
  • develop group dynamics and communication skills
  • grow together with Tipu Nature School
  • offer adventures