Coffeering around Soomaa - Firecafé at the Nature School
March 15, 2016

At Easter Saturday, the Nature School turns into a different kind of Café - taking place open-air most dishes and drinks are made on open fire.
The coffeering is a combine of different institutions, including farms, visitor centers, museums and the Nature School, which have one thing in common: their location in or around Soomaa. At participating sites open so called "Pop-up Cafés" on the 26th of March from 12 to 16pm. The Project takes place this spring for the third time.

This year, the Natureschool focuses on dishes and drinks  prepared on open fire. Furthermore, visitors can try to light a fire with flintstones and participiate in an outdoor game on water.


grilled onion with goat-cheese, honey and thyme + fire-flatbread       
potato-leek-soup + fire-flatbread                                                                 

orange muffin                                                                                                   

hot chocolate                                                                                                    
hot applejuice with spices                                                                                 


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